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Engine Number

The Engine number is commonly used to identify the engine, statisitics, power, modifications and more of your particular celica.

The chassis number can be loosely looked at as a 4+ combination of numbers and letters. for simplicities sake, first start by looking at the chassis number as a combination of four spaces.

 1   2  -  3 

The first space represents the engine generation located in the car. For all Toyota engines this is the first number or pair of numbers. Toyota designers base most of their engines of of previous designs. For example if the first number is 7 (7A-FE), then it means that there have been 7 versions of the engine series built off of the first version.

The space designates the engine family that your engine is based off of. All engines in the same series share the same basic block and construction. This is always a combination of one or two letters.

Everything after the dash represents various properties of the engine. The last space usually contains only two letters in FWD Celicas. Earlier cars may have any of a number of combinations of letters. some of the more popular letters are below

B Dual carbs ( non-twin cam engines
C Carburated
C California Emissions
D Dual Carbs
E Electronic Fuel Injection
F Fuel Efficient Head (narrow valve angle)
G Performance Head (wide valve angle)
H Unknown
I Single Point Fuel Injection
J Unknown
L Laterally mounted
LPG LPG fuel
M Phillipines market
R Low compression for regular (not super or premium) bad fuel.
S Swirl intake ports
S Direct injection & swirl pot pistons (starting from '97/98)
T Turbocharged
U Japanese pollution control
Z Supercharged


Thus looking at various chassis codes....

 1   2  -   

7A-FE = 7 A - FE = 7th version of the A- series engine, fuel efficient head, EFI

3S-GTE =3 S - GTE= 3rd version of the S-series engine, performance head, turbo-charged, EFI

22R-C =22 R - C = 22nd version of the R- series engine, Carburated.

2ZZ-GE =2 ZZ - GE =2nd version of the ZZ- series engine, performance head, EFI


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