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Air Bag Tool

By Scott MDT

Today we are going to build a tool to check and clear air bag codes. The tool will cost approx. $5 to make.

Parts Needed:

  1. medicine bottle or (film canister can be used)
  2. Radio Shack switch no. 275-1549A (this is a momentary switch)
  3. Radio Shack LED no. 276-270A (any color can be used)
  4. 4 wires 1' in length RED, YELLOW ,BLACK , GREEN (I got mine out of an old harness that has male tips on the wires for easier use and longer life)
  5. 1 small zip tie

Tools Needed:

  1. sodier iron
  2. soder
  3. flux (for easier sodiering)
  4. wire stripper
  5. pliers
  6. drill bits (13/64 and 15/64)
  7. small rat tail file
  8. razor blade

  1. First picture is of the parts needed, and second is of the tools needed. Take the cap off the medicine bottle and pull the insert out. Take the razor and cut the center out of the insert. Next reinstall the outer ring back in the cap but upside down. This will make the cap click on and be a tighter fit. Be careful not to cut off too much.

    Picture 3.
  2. Next take the 15/64 and 13/64 drill bits and drill a hole in the cap on
    each end making the 15/64 fairly close to center. Pic 3 shows the cap w/
    holes already in it. You will have to trim the support ridge out of the
    bottom of the cap to make room for the nuts to lock down. Take the 15/64
    drill bit and drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle to pull the wires
    through later.
  3. Now take the LED and cut half the length off the wires and then strip the
    ends to have it ready to solder. Take the 4 wires and strip the ends approx.
    1/4" lay the switch on the table with the writing side up. The switch is
    labeled 1,2,3 (NC COM NO)respectively.


  1. Install the LED and switch in the cap.
  2. Pull the YELLOW wire out and sodier it to the RED wire ON the LED.
  3. Next solder the black wire on post #1 (left post).
  4. Soider the GREEN wire on the #2 post (center post).
  5. And last sodier the RED wire and the black wire from the LED on the #3 post.

Pictures 5 & 6.

  1. MAKE SURE that the sodier and wires don't touch each other. THAT WOULD BE BAD! Pics 5 and 6 are of the front and side view of the assembled wiring.

  1. Now slide the wires into the bottle and lock the cap. Pic 7 & 8 are of the
    assembled tool. Take a minute and write the wiring order down and tape it to
    the bottle.

How to use my new tool >:)

  1. Go to the diagnosis box under the hood and open the top. Inside the lid you
    will find the terminals marked accordingly.
  2. Turn the key on and put the RED wire in the port marked AB. Put the GREEN in the one marked E1, and so on, and so on.
  3. When you plug in the last one the led in the cap will flash out the code
    that is in memory.
  4. Once fixed hook up the tool and turn the key on press the button on the
    tool 3 times at 1 second intervuls. The light on the cap should flash
    steady. This means the code is cleared.

Have fun and enjoy your new tool!!!

-Scott MDT


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